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Implementing the Community currency in Cameroun: Preps for sensitization heats up

Preparations for the implementation of the Community currency program that resulted from the WLFI program research is heating up with a sensitization strategy put in place.

The program organized a sensitization training session for the staff-in- waiting on Friday June 28 at the hall of ASAFE in Douala. The training was handled by Joyce Jognes Ngoko, a specialist that has carried out such trainings in the North and Western regions of Cameroun.

In her opening address, Gisèle Yitamben, the Director of the GMT/WLFI program in Cameroun said that people's needs can be adequately addressed when there is quality resources available. The training, she explained, was part of providing such quality resources that will be used in the forthcoming implementation of the program. She recalled the study that provided the need for putting in place a means of commercial exchange with a mean that supplements the official currency in order to boost commercial activities and enhance the social welfare of the community. After the study, there was that urgent need to have those that will be involved with its implementation trained in this new means of exchange.

The trainer, Joyce Jognes Ngoko walked the trainees through the history of the Community currency in the world and its challenges. She provided the principal functions of a community currency and the overall strategy in its implementation. The main strategy, she said was to get the users well sensitized and get them to understand what the community inclusive currency is and how it functions.

The trainees were then trained on how to sensitize a community and bring it to bear with the CIC.


Training has enabled me to understand how to sensitize and implement the currency in a community

Cendrine Mbelle, Trainee

The training has enabled me to understand what is a community currency and its use to the community

Noelle Makon, Trainee